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The 10 Issues That Could Make or Break Business in 2024

Feb 08, 2024 – by Kyle Rudy

Leadership shift

The hunt for new top talent should be front of mind for leaders in the footwear and retail sector this year. Yet nearly half of the 76 C-level appointments in the shoe industry in last year were promoted internally or moved over from a sister brand and more than three-quarters were footwear veterans.

As unpredictability becomes the norm, it is critical to have fresh perspectives at the top. “The footwear world can be insular in who they pick to lead companies and who they exchange for the C-suite. But that doesn’t always bring about the most innovative and resourceful executives,” said Senior Partner Kyle Rudy. He noted, the trend has shifted and many clients are expanding their executive searches outside the shoe industry.

New leaders will face intense pressure to produce quick results. His solution: “Start off by focusing on two or three things to demonstrate some successes. That will win the support of the key constituencies, both internally and externally.” Read the full article on Footwear News here: The 10 Issues That Could Make or Break Business in 2024>

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