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Why This Is the Year of the CFO

May 31, 2021 – by Kyle Rudy

Global supply chain shortages causing pressure

In times of crisis, chief financial officers are critical players in keeping businesses operative.

This was especially true during the pandemic, and experts believe CFOs will continue to be paramount in leading business recovery as the world continues to evolve. This includes making difficult decisions to protect the welfare of a businesses, such as enforcing employee layoffs and reducing executive pay.

The reverse is also true - in boom times CFOs have also been tasked with assessing large profit and sales gains that are difficult to compare to previous periods. The pandemic further enhanced the value of the CFO role as a strategic leader within organizations.

Experts believe CFOs who are insightful about financial results and are aware of misleading anomalies in sales growth will ultimately thrive in leading their companies to success. Hiring a visionary CFO who can make strategic investment efforts will also be advantageous for a company.

As our Senior Partner Kyle Rudy explained to Footwear News, "CFOs play a critical role in optimizing financial performance while investing in key areas to ensure continued relevance in an entirely-disrupted world."

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