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Retail’s Most Effective Leaders Have These Skills in Common

Aug 21, 2019 – by Kyle Rudy

In an industry that continues to constantly evolve, fashion executives who are adaptable, versatile, and digitally fluent will ultimately come out on top, according to experts. And with the advancements in digital innovation and diversity demands over recent years, employees can also expect to see such widespread changes reflected in company leadership. Pressure to have more female representation in CEO and C-suite positions, as well as overall diverse hiring, are two areas of burgeoning focus among fashion companies.

Another leadership change? Recruiters are broadening their search pools to include candidates from industries outside of the fashion sphere, such as Big Tech, finance, and more. Experts concur that a successful executive today is someone with a strong background in data-driven analysis who can apply such knowledge toward creating experiences for users.

Other shifts are also apparent. Among executives who continue to stay on in their positions, many have new expectations for their work-life balance, specifically among Gen Xers. Flexible work-from-home arrangements, as well as substantial family-leave policies, are two benefits Gen Xers are increasingly seeking – and companies looking to retain these employees will have to keep in mind these shifting priorities.

Kyle Rudy ) spoke with FN to discuss the changes he sees among the new gen of fashion and retail's top executives. Read more here >

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