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Fashion's Big Tech Talent Opportunity

Dec 22, 2022 – by Kyle Rudy

Attracting tech talent has long been a challenge for fashion retailers. The challenge is partially a matter of branding - diverse, talented tech professionals may be more likely to think 'mall' than ‘career path’ when they hear the word ‘fashion:’

Additionally, Big Tech companies often provide more competitive benefits and lucrative perks. But with the recent waves of layoffs hitting the tech industry, fashion companies are jumping on this opportunity to hire professionals to assist in areas like product management, e-commerce, and design.

Nordstrom's recent partnership with Morehouse College, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) is one such example. The company will begin offering a curriculum of product management courses sponsored entirely by the company. Their intention behind the partnership is two-fold. First, the program aims at increasing employee diversity in a discipline that is predominantly composed of white employees. By providing resources, mentorship, and extensive access to the company's tech department, Nordstrom aims at broadening the tech hiring pool with Black candidates. Second, the company is interested in properly equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in areas like product management which, according to experts, is historically under-taught at universities. For such a program and similar ones to succeed, it's important for fashion leaders to keep open conversations with students from HBCUs and recognize the creativity and input they can provide.

Our Senior Partner Kyle Rudy sat down with the Business of Fashion to discuss how fashion leaders will have to rethink tech hiring to keep up with the pace of change. Read full article on BoF: How Fashion Can Build Its Own Tech Talent >

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