Nadine Gerber

Nadine Gerber joined Kirk Palmer Associates after an almost 20+ year career in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Nadine was born into an entrepreneurial fashion/retail family. Her grandparents owned a millinery business in the garment center, and she started her retail career when she was five at her stepfather’s record store. She has honed her human resources skills by having roles in corporate communications, learning and development, employee relations and of course many years in talent acquisition. An internal talent specialist at companies such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Kering, Nadine is known for bringing an innovative approach to the human resources function. Nadine has been working with C-Level executives since the beginning of her career and understands their pace and passion.

Nadine tends to go through life with an I Love Lucy filter. She has spent some time in her earlier years performing stand-up comedy at open mike nights and loves to laugh. Currently her passion is helping her beloved teenage daughter pursue her artistic talents. She loves to travel with her family and meet people from other cultures especially if a beach is involved in some part of the exploration.

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