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Our process is driven by our values. Never transactional, we care deeply about the work we do and have developed a proven process to achieve the RIGHT results.
Relationship driven
We are passionate about people.
We create partnerships based on trust. We look beyond the needs of a single search and develop lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. We counsel and advise both to support long-term success for everyone.
We get it.
The senior members of our firm come from the industry we serve, which provides our clients with real insights and perspectives. The credibility we have developed over decades in the candidate community gives us the unique ability to bring the right talent to the table. Our deep and trusted relationships also give us access to unhindered and straightforward references. We get the real deal on candidates.
We tell it like it is.
When it comes to evaluating talent and culture fit, we are committed to getting it right. We don't try to sell a client on a candidate. If at any moment during our assessment or referencing process we uncover something that will not benefit either the client or the candidate, we bring it to light.
We are with you every step.
Our drive to please results in a high-touch, consultative approach. We're with our clients every step of the way. We guide you through the process and offer unvarnished insight on each candidate to help you make the right decisions.
We don't stop until our work is done.
We identify and qualify executives throughout the entire search process to continuously uncover the best talent. We exhaust every possibility. When other firms might give up on a search, we maintain the same pace and level of investment until closure.

6 steps for
the right results

Get smart
Become immersed in the business, people, culture, brand and role.
Drill down
Pinpoint company and candidate targets. Set the strategy to connect.
Connect with top talent and engage them in the discussion.
Fine tune
Assess, calibrate and reference.
Bring it home
Co-create compensation packages that get to "yes" and help onboard the candidate.
Stay close
Continual communication with both candidate and client.